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The King of Code contest is sponsored by Windows Phone and is open to developers on any mobile platform.)

Daniel Shein is the quintessential mobile developer. Breaking into the space as early as 2005, his creations run the gamut from simple games to augmented reality applications to life-hacking mobile tools.

After cutting his teeth on e-commerce websites — programming in PHP, Perl and Javascript for various companies — he got into phone development with J2ME. One of the founders of XSights, working on image recognition over video calls, he became increasingly involved with mobile. And in 2008, he jumped headfirst into the iOS and Android platforms as an independent developer and never looked back, creating apps for fun, but also for large companies, including banks and insurance firms.

All of this experience set the table for his next big move, the founding of LoFT, a startup focused on innovative augmented reality apps. There, he created one of his favorite and best known applications to date: Lookator.

King of Code

Source: VentureBeat

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